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Junior Public Company Bookkeeper

Pubco Reporting Solutions Ltd., is a full-service accounting and financial reporting agency for publicly traded companies listed on the CBOE, TSX, and NASDAQ. We help publicly traded businesses withtheir accounting, financial reporting and regulatory compliance needs. We’re searching Vancouver, British Columbia, for talented bookkeeping professionals who are experienced in working with XL spreadsheets, Quick Books and understand basic GAAP and IFRS principles. You’ll join a kick-ass team of experienced accountants, financial reporting agents, and IPO experts who share one common goal – to assist publicly traded companies in just about every aspect of their financial reporting needs. 

Why join PubCo Reporting? Because every good bookkeeping professional can dramatically enhance their knowledge and earning potential by developing an experienced skillset in the highly sought after field of public company accounting – A rare opportunity for an entry-level bookkeeper.

At PubCo Reporting, you’ll be paid-to-learn as you see first-hand how a business gets cleared to trade publicly, launch a successful IPO, and what it takes to properly manage their financial reporting responsibilities from A-Z.

So, if you're looking for a highly valuable, hands-on experience, and want to learn from a team of financial reporting wizards...and...

  • You have a solid understanding of Quick Books (and a desire to learn the latest in accounting and financial reporting tools)...

  • You combine logic and emotion sufficiently to solve complex problems on your own, and you never hesitate to ask for help when you don't know something.

  • You’re extremely analytical and love sifting through data to solve problems

  • You’re thrilled to help publicly traded companies that range from various different industries and help make sure they do the job right...

  • Are not afraid to Speak Up if you’re unsure of something you’re working on...

  • You thrive in a highly collaborative team of experienced professionals...

  • And you’re extremely organized when given tasks and deliver them on time...


...then please keep reading as you may be the perfect fit.

What are the key points?

  • Basic Compensation:  $75,000 - $110,000+ (base + bonus, depending on experience and performance).

  • Benefits:  Medical, dental, extended health, 3 weeks vacation in the first year, paid professional training upgrades, seminars, all you can drink espresso from a $10,000 Braun Coffee machine (this really must be tried), all the RedBull you can possibly drink, and much more. Flexible time for a, b, and c.

  • Location:  Downtown Vancouver BC, at least 3 days a week. You can work remotely from home, two days a week, after your first 3 months.

  • Hours:  8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. PST, Monday to Friday.

  • Culture:  Great Humans obsessed with helping our clients to thrive and succeed by taking accounting duties off their plate so they can focus on growing and running their business. 

  • #1 Objective: To train and work with you in just about every aspect of bookkeeping for public companies, and to help advance your skillset in this highly sought after field of work.

Who Will You Report To?

Nanuk Warman is the Senior Partner at PubCo Reporting Solutions.  He started the business back in 2002 with no clients, no staff, and today helps manage more than 467 publicly traded businesses, many of which were cleared to trade from scratch under his guidance. He started as a junior accountant at KPMG back in 1996, and has since worked his way up the ranks to become an OTC Preferred accounting and financial reporting agent for hundreds of over the counter and stock-issuing companies.   

IIt was one thing to learn the art and science of financial reporting as an accountant just starting out...but nothing collapsed time and progressed his skills to the next level faster than the thrilling (and often humbling) experience of working hands-on and applying his skills in the public markets where only the fittest survive. 

That’s where you come in. PubCo Reporting has grown its business to more than 457 clients now valued in the billions of dollars.  But we’ve barely gotten started. IIn order to sustain growth, we need to add two solid bookkeepers to our team who are eager to learn, can deliver quality under pressure, are driven to succeed, and love being surrounded by experts in the field who are thrilled to share their knowledge with new “up-and-comers” in the business.

What is the Ideal Candidate’s Background?

The ideal candidate is a certified bookkeeper with a minimum 6-12 months in QuickBooks and XYZ experience, strong written and English-speaking skills (does not need to be perfect.  At least half our staff are non-native English speakers). Preferably you have with GAAP related bookkeeping, and you are able to work in our downtown Vancouver office at least three days a week – important so we are all in the same rhythm, pace, and work together efficiently.

Obviously, if you have experience working for a publicly traded company that is a plus, but not required.  If you are a quick learner, a collaborative team player and like to ask a lot of questions, we will be more than happy to invest the time it will take to get you up to speed and in synch with how we work.

More’re thrilled to be involved in the dynamic and exciting world of public markets, are thrilled when you complete a job that’s well done, and enjoy a challenge that will push your skill-set to the next level...working with a team of managers and co-workers who sincerely care about your personal success--in both business and in life.  

You love working in a team environment with other motivated professionals.  You love to share things you’ve learned with others, and you love to encourage and promote the success of others too. You love to share insights, brainstorm problems, support clients, and methodically learn how to make their financial reporting lives better and more enjoyable each day -- hi-fiving all your co-workers along the way! 

What’s it like working at PubCo?

We’ve gone to great lengths to set up a culture that supports rapid learning and success for our entry-level bookkeepers and accounting staff, because, after all, that’s exactly where we got started too. Moreover, we’re heavily focused on collaboration and creating a successful team environment – not only to help you do your job better – but to ensure that we provide the best possible coverage and service for our clients.

For example, you’ll be assigned to a team-cell that has a portfolio of clients it manages.  Each cell is comprised of a senior accountant, accounts manager, and both a supervising and junior bookkeeper. And everyone on the cell marches to the beat of the same drum, focused on the same goal of helping our clients meet all of their financial reporting targets and deadlines.

We are currently looking to staff the main cell in our Vancouver office, but regardless of which cell you’re assigned to, everyone benefits from the following:


  • Access to Data and Templates – Access to live performance data and QuickBook templates so you can instantly see how our bookkeeping and accounting processes are set up, watch financial reporting done in real time, 

  • Career Progression – Your success determines how fast you progress to Senior Bookkeeper...and beyond...and in line with your skill-set and what you like and do best (your unique set of ‘super powers’ we call it), that we hope to help you get to the point where you can do it as good as, if not better than, anyone else.


As I’m sure you can imagine, the sky is the limit when it comes to choosing the areas of expertise that, eventually, you can choose to focus your talents on.  And we’ve made it part of our mission to help you reach your fullest potential, so that one day you can not only do it as good as anyone else, but maybe do it the best.

You’ll be given guidance and advice by our senior managing accountants and supervisors.  However, a good idea is always a good idea, and we always love getting new ones.  There is never a ‘bad idea’ at PubCo reporting, and YOUR input and ideas will always be respected, appreciated, and given thoughtful, appropriate feedback. 

For us, there is nothing more satisfying than helping an employee to advance their skillset who one day shows us how to do our jobs better...priceless.

What will you be responsible for?

Put simply, you will be responsible for supporting the senior bookkeeping and accounting manager, entering and preparing the books, updating digests, reconciling accounts, and helping prepare financial statements for your team’s clients.

Some of the tasks will be quick and easy, and some will require supervision until your skill set is developed to the point where you’ve mastered it yourself.

As you progress, you will be given more responsibility to open and close books for our clients on your own, and given the opportunity to deal with other elements of financial reporting responsibilities that our clients need managed...for which you’ll be rewarded for in increased salary...

Bringing an entire new dynamic to your career that helps you fine-tune your long-term skill set and puts you into a position to increase your compensation.

How will your time be spent?

Here’s an additional BONUS about working at PubCo.

We don’t do tax work.  


That means that we don’t have to spend three months of every year hunkered-down at our desks for 12 hours straight until we see spots on the screen! 

While any given week can vary based on our client’s needs, here’s roughly how it breaks down:

  • this

  • that

  • and the other


Within 3 to 6 months, once you’ve got the basics down, you’ll get to hone-in on the skills that you do best, so you can spend the majority of your time developing, refining, and broadening your unique skill set. Or, you might only be interested in the satisfaction of completing a hard day’s work at the office...knowing that you’ve successfully completed a job that was valued and appreciated by your you can get home to enjoy the rest of the day with your family or friends.

Either way, we’ll love you for it!  At PubCo Reporting, how you move up and ‘advance’ in the company is entirely up to you.

How does compensation work?

All junior and entry-level bookkeepers who join PubCo Reporting go through a maximum 3-month “launchpad” period wherein your skills are developed, and your performance is measured to ensure there is a good fit.

During this time, compensation is set at a rate of between $4,000 and $6,000 a month, depending on your current experience and skill-set. 

After that...

  • Your performance is reviewed after three months to make sure that you are adequately compensated.

  • As your skill-set and 

  • Bookkeepers who make it to the level of Senior Bookkeeper can can expect to make $85k - $110k, with 4 weeks paid vacation a year.



  • 6-12 Months Bookkeeping Experience – Preferably working with a GAAP based business, dealing with a, b, c, d and e.

  • Strong English Language Skills – Again, this does not need to be your native language, but you need to be able to read, speak, write, and communicate clearly in English.

  • A Passion For Numbers and Problem Solving – You love piecing the puzzle together with numbers and data-points to get the complete picture.

  • Client-Service Orientated – You have no problem speaking with clients from time to time to help make sure that they’re serviced properly.

  • Constant Upskilling – You are eager to improve your bookkeeping skills and learn new things and be mentored by senior accountants and bookkeepers, etc. all to improve your skillset.

  • Contribute Ideas – Ability to formulate ideas and articulate them easily and clearly to others to get feedback and make them even stronger.

  • One Final Requirement – If you are interested in the role, please just apply. Don’t email or DM me or one of our team members directly.  This will not get our attention in the way that you might be hoping.


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Financial Reporting


            Junior Bookkeeper



Remote Status

            Minimum 3 days a week required in office for the first three months.


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