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SOX Compliance Services

Reduce Risk, Increase Investor Confidence, And Certify Internal Controls & Compliance. 

Ensure that the vital link between your company, it's board of directors, investors, shareholders and government regulators, is well maintained and kept stronger than ever.

Internal Controls & Compliance Solutions




Systematize Internal Control

The Sarbanes-Oxley Act was passed by the United States Congress into law in June of 2002.

With this new Act, came strict new regulations under the Securities Exchange Commission (SEC) Rules for accountants, auditors, and officers of public corporations -- In particular with respect to Sections 302 and 404 (Office of Economic Analysis, SEC, 2009).

  • Section 302 requires Senior Corporate Officers to personally certify that the entity's financial statements are a fair representation of the entity's financial condition (Office of Economic Analysis, SEC, 2009)  and that the entity has effective disclosure controls in place (Leech, April 2003).

  • Section 404(a) requires the entity's management to assess and report on the effectiveness of financial reporting controls (Office of Economic Analysis, SEC, 2009).

  • Section 404(b) requires the entity's external auditors to attest to management's assessment of the effectiveness of the entity's internal financial reporting controls (Office of Economic Analysis, SEC, 2009).

Advantages And Benefits

At PubCo Reporting Solutions we recognize every entity is different and having a cookie-cutter SOX compliance checklist isn't particularly useful.

We tailor our program to meet the specific needs of your business to make sure that it's aligned with the COSO Internal Control-Integrated Framework, which is an SEC recognized framework for evaluating the effectiveness of internal controls.

Our special program will help you to:

  • Increase confidence in your financial reporting.

  • Have the ability to certify under SOX 302 & 404(a) ; which contributes to increased investor and board confidence.

  • Reduce liability and reputational exposure with regulators and investors.  

  • Provide support for a favorable audit opinion from external auditors.                   

  • Time saved internally vs. taking internal resources away from adding value and improving organizational performance.  

  • Good internal controls that increase data visibility and lead to better decision making.       

  • Quality internal control documentation can help you reduce external audit costs by saving the external auditor time.                        


Want To Find Out More?

Call us today and let's discuss exactly what your Governance, Risk and Compliance needs are, and how PubCo Reporting Solutions can help.

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