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Form 15
Certification and Notification of Termination of Registrant

( Or Suspension Of Duty To File )


by Nanuk Warman, CPA, CMA, CFA

Updated April 26th, 2022

The following is a general overview of SEC Forms 15, and is not legal advice. Form 15 reporting requirements may differ from filing to filing, and this article may or may not be applicable to you. If you need assistance with SEC compliance and/or regulatory financial filings, please contact us here.

Termination Of Registration Status, Or Suspension Of Duty To File Reports

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I think what this needs is a "5 Things You Should Know Before Filing a Form 15 Nanuk must have some input on this.  DO WE NEED TO FILE FORM 25 AFTER THIS?

Customized Calendar should be SURVEY

In this article we'll discuss the different reasons why an issuer may decide they want to go private...or what they have to in the event they are no longer able to meet their reporting obligations.

Obviously, there are multiple reasons why an issuer may no longer wish to remain public...

And there's an equally valid number of reasons why an issuer may no longer be able to meet mandatory SEC reporting obligations.

Whatever the reason...when an issuer is either going private or is no longer able to fulfil their reporting obligations...they must advise the SEC of the matter by filing a Form 15.  (Immediately releases issuer from certain obligations)


Or it could simply be that an issuer finds itself viable as a business concern altogether.

Whatever the reason...a public company needs to file an SEC Form 15 if they no longer wish to be public, or if they are no longer able to meet reporting obligations.

NANUK -- What's The Main Reason?  Should I give a 

But first...

Let's dive-in to exactly what the form is for and who needs to file one:

When A Public Company Decides

It's Better-Off Private

This is a common occurrence in my experience, and is one that is only becoming more common since Regulation-A filings became all the rage a few years ago.

These disclosures are related to Rule 16 of the Securities Act of 1934, and track what a control person in the company or any shareholder who controls more than 10% of the company's stock is doing with their shares.

Normally, Forms 3, 4, and 5 are used to disclose the stock positions of officers, directors, and beneficial owners of the company, but may also include...

These 'insiders' must report any transaction related to their holdings in the company within two days of any transaction made with their securities.


Information included in the filings is related to sales... acquitions...exercised options... any promises or commitments made with their stock.

More about Section 16 here >>      

Generally speaking...

There Are Three Different Kinds Of

Beneficial Ownership Statements





  See a filed Form 3 here >>  

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Nanuk is the managing partner PubCo Reporting. He specializes in public company accounting and EDGAR financial reporting.  If you need help preparing and/or submitting regulatory compliance filings, you can reach out to Nanuk here.   

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