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Big Pharma And Tech Firms Strike:
Major Cash Hoarders Shell Out A Whopping $70 Billion On M&A In Just One Day


by Matthew Wierzchowski

 December 13th, 2022

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When it comes to Mergers and Acquisitions the bull is back! Cash Flush companies make huge buys as the market hits bottom according to Microsoft and Amgen.

The week started with a bang as Cash Rich Pharma and Tech firms rush to buy publicly traded companies at 'rock bottom' prices.

In fact, more than $70 Billion worth of Mergers and Acquisitions were announced on Monday alone, including:

  • Amgen's takeover of Horizon Therapeutics for $26.4 Billion...

  • And Microsoft scooped-up 4% of the London Stock Exchange via strategic partnership that includes Ai analytics, modeling solutions, and new cloud infrastructure for the exchange.

The big question financial analysts are asking is why now?


And the answer lies in today's inflation showing prices rose less than expected last month, which has many historical cash-hoarding companies concluding that inflation may have peaked.

With the cost of finance expected to remain at current high interest-rates for the foreseeable future, M&A firms are racing to buy targets before prices go up.

Now Could Be The Best Time In History For Canadian SME's To Secure Acquisition Financing 

With Q4 results already in, Canadian chartered banks are increasing access to financing for Canadian SME’s, currently their only profitable revenue source.


And with economic recovery expected across the board, first-movers are now positioning themselves to take advantage of the anticipated 2023 rebound.

"The message is clear" says

Terry Phillips of PC Financial, "Get access to the financing you need now, or risk getting left behind."

We Know And Understand Canadian SME Financing

For 23+ years, PubCo Finance Solutions has helped Canadian SME’s access the financing they need to boost revenues, expand operations, and grow their business.

At Pubco, your success is our success and we don't charge you a penny unless we close and secure the financing you need.


For a free, no-obligation consultation, send an email to, or call us at 416-829-4749, and get access to the financing that your company deserves today.


Matthew is President of PubCo Finance Solutions — A Division of PubCo Reporting Solutions, Inc . He has 15 years of progressive accounting experience as a CFO, and 10 years working in commercial banking for TD Securities, CIBC World Markets, and the EDC. If your company needs help with access to better financing, please feel free to reach out to Matthew here.   


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