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Big Six Banks Ready To Increase Commercial Lines Of Credit For Small To Medium Sized Canadian Companies


by Matthew Wierzchowski

 November 29th, 2022

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By the end of this year’s fourth quarter, the Big Six Canadian banks are preparing to report a drop in profits due to shortfalls experienced in the retail and wealth management sectors.

In order to offset these losses, banks are now signalling their desire to increase SME access to commercial lines of credit—as reported by Reuters November 27th, 2022.

That’s because despite the Bank of Canada’s ‘Year of Insanely High Interest Rates’, Canadian SME’s have continuted to access these debt-instruments responsibly—at near double the cost compared to last year.

In fact, CIBC, which has more than 50% of its business in the domestic retail market, is now expected to see a significant decrease in profits year over year due to lower demand on its Mortgage Book, prompting them to increase their debt provisions to protect share value and add to their Mid-Market Lending Portfolio.

The Rest of The 'Big 5' Are In The Same Boat

Although Scotia Bank was more aggressive in its debt provisions earlier this year, we can expect them to loosen credit further as they are now positioned well to build back their loan book and increase market share.

The Royal Bank of Canada, which has the largest Investment book out of the Big Six, is also expected to report a decrease in profits along with TD in the fourth quarter, although TD currently enjoys a strong hedge with profits generated from its US Retail Division.

So how does this benefit the average small to medium-sized Canadian company?

The Perfect Opportunity To Restructure Debt Covenants

What all of this means is that Canadian SME’s now have a great opportunity to reorganize their finances, restructure debt covenants, and increase their access to debt in a way that allows them to take advantage of the growth and acquisition opportunities sure to present themselves during the anticipated 2023 slowdown.

The bottom line is that Canadian banks will look to Mid-Market SME’s to help offset their losses and rejuvinate profits in 2023...

Creating perhaps on of the best opportunities in a generation for SME's to better position themselves for the eventual rebound.

In Finance, Having An Edge Is Everything...

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Matthew is president of PubCo Finance Solutions — A Division of PubCo Reporting Solutions, Inc . He has 15 years of progressive accounting experience as a CFO, and 10 years working in commercial banking for TD Securites, CIBC World Markets, and the EDC. If your company needs help with access to better financing, please feel free reach out to Matthew here.   


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